Car Reservation Actions

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Receiving bookings

By phone or email.

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Booking confirmation

Confirmation will be given through mail & phone along with booking ID.

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Chauffeur & Vehicle details

Will be sent through our SMS software, minimum 2 hrs prior to the reporting time.


Instant Car Services


24/7 Quality Service

Practices we adopt to

  • Automated MIS systems
  • Vehicle Audit on a routine.
  • Surprise check on a random basis at operations.
  • Weekly review meeting on operation related issues.
  • Bimonthly driver orientation
  • Bimonthly Staff Meeting
  • Monthly Statutory Compliance Audit
  • Quarterly Performance Appraisal.
  • Complaint Register – Weekly discussion & Corrective actions on Complaint Register.
  • The vehicle will be physically audited by the fleet maintenance in charge before inducting the same in to our fleet.
  • Our fleet in charge will personally interview the driver & recruit him if he is satisfied.
  • Attrition is very less in the company, as we are more in to training and developing the employees within the organization.
  • Basic induction training will be given during the 1 st day the driver joins the company.
  • As an organization, we maintain strict compliance in all government regulations.
  • We make on time payment towards GST, TDS, ESI, PF Etc.